Wednesday, June 17, 2009

*Another Part From the Dresser

*To reference a slightly older post, "I found this wonderful beaten up dresser in the ally behind my apartment, the other day + since it was broken beyond repair, I stole a few drawers to use as shadow boxes + small shelves through out my house," I also took this one drawer front that had fallen off. I thought that it might work well as a coat rack if I could just add a few more knobs to it. So yesterday I headed over to Anthropologie to check + see if they had any dresser knobs on sale, + luckily enough they did! I found these three beautiful knobs, + at two dollars each I just couldn't pass them up! Then I immediately went home + got to work. 

First I measured out three equally spaced points for my new knobs to sit. Then I picked out a drill bit that was the same diameter as the screw on the back of the knobs. Once the holes were drilled, i simply screwed in the new knobs, added a hanger to the back + hung it just outside my door in our hallway. I also added an old skeleton key to the key hole for some more visual interest. As you can see the new coat rack works + looks great. I'm really pleased with this one ^_^.

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