Thursday, July 2, 2009

*So Busy So Sorry!

*I just wanted to post a quick, "Im Sorry" for not doing anything with my blog lately, I've recently been hired as an apprentice to soon hopefully be a junior textiles designer at Printfresh Studios in Philadelphia! Its all extremely exciting + totally awesome, pretty much a dream job ^_^. But I am currently working both there + at my normal Whole Foods job because I'm too nice + felt I had to give my two weeks notice. So when I'm not working at Whole Foods I'm at Printfesh + when I'm home (which is rare) I'm working on my stuff for Crazy for Cult group show at Gallery1988 in LA that is quickly coming up in July. Anywho, lots going on but I promise once my two weeks is up at Whole Foods I will be better at updating my blog!


  1. leanne that's awesome! good luck with everything!!!! can't wait to see more blog post and hear about your experiences at printfresh!

  2. *Thanks guys! So far I'm loving Printfresh and once this week is over i should be back to blogging it up ^_^.