Tuesday, June 16, 2009

*Spicing It Up a Little

*I found this wonderful beaten up dresser in the ally behind my apartment the other day + since it was broken beyond repair, I stole a few drawers to use as shadow boxes + small shelves through out my house. I thought this one, with the key hole, worked great as a small spice rack in my kitchen. And in the interest of health, I headed to IKEA + picked up some glass spice jars ($2.99 / 4 pack) so I could get rid of the plastic containers that they came in. Plastic containers; including heavy duty plastic plates, cups + tupperware my leak harmful BPA chemicals into your food. So now healthily they sit in their new easy to reach + nicely displayed home. 


  1. I am diging the spice rack! I am a big fan of spice racks



  2. *I miss you Andy! ^_^ Hey i might be coming home to NJ this weekend for fathers day do you have any free time friday or saturday?