Wednesday, October 28, 2009

*It took some time

*So it took some time but has finally 
posted my interview, on being an illustrator in 
Philadelphia, on their site. Unfortunately, it took 
well over six months to get the video up, so some 
of the info. in the interview is old. For instance i 
do not work at Jinxed Gallery anymore, i now
work as a textiles designer for Printfresh, i was 
actually officially hired onto the design team just 
a few weeks ago, woot! Also, i plan on never 
wearing my hair like that in public ever again ^_^. 
I was actually getting over being pretty sick when 
they came to film the interview section of the video
 + i totally forgot they were coming so i look + 
sound awful. Please take my appearance with a 
grain of salt. Enjoy...