Sunday, June 14, 2009

*The Shirt Off Your Back

*I did a little thrift store shopping the other day + found some mens shirts, in some really great prints, that I thought would be perfect for my new project. Altering a large button down shirt to fit as a slim drop waist tank top for these hot summer days. I made my own pattern + I was done in no time. I still have three more shirts left to do, but don't worry ill be sure to post them as well. The material is so light weight + comfortable... Thanks Good Will ^_^


  1. looks great! you are so talented! I enjoy reading your blog, it makes me think we hang out all the time like we used to! I need to take a trip down there one weekend

    hope to see you soon :)


  2. Leanne-

    You should holler at that website/blog design sponge, I feel like they would love your work and all the cool stuff on your blog. Hope your doing well.


  3. *Hey Brad, i love design sponge i check it everyday... total nerd... haha! but you're right i should get in touch with them + send them a link. thanks!