Wednesday, June 17, 2009

*Another Part From the Dresser

*To reference a slightly older post, "I found this wonderful beaten up dresser in the ally behind my apartment, the other day + since it was broken beyond repair, I stole a few drawers to use as shadow boxes + small shelves through out my house," I also took this one drawer front that had fallen off. I thought that it might work well as a coat rack if I could just add a few more knobs to it. So yesterday I headed over to Anthropologie to check + see if they had any dresser knobs on sale, + luckily enough they did! I found these three beautiful knobs, + at two dollars each I just couldn't pass them up! Then I immediately went home + got to work. 

First I measured out three equally spaced points for my new knobs to sit. Then I picked out a drill bit that was the same diameter as the screw on the back of the knobs. Once the holes were drilled, i simply screwed in the new knobs, added a hanger to the back + hung it just outside my door in our hallway. I also added an old skeleton key to the key hole for some more visual interest. As you can see the new coat rack works + looks great. I'm really pleased with this one ^_^.

*Ready For His Close Up

*About four months ago I was so happy to learn that my very good, long time friend, Edmond Hawkins, had landed a wonderful job as the head animator on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. And as I was watching last nights episode, online, while I drank my coffee this morning morning, I was so excited to catch his second TV appearance + first close up on the show as a back ground actor for a hilarious weekly skit called, "Second Floor West." The skit is basically making fun of reality TV shows like The Hills + The City. Edmond did a great job acting surprised while he ate his pizza at the exclusive pizza party, when Miles + Lauren walked in to cause a dramatic scene. Great job Ed ^_^ !

You can check out the episode for yourself right here: Edmonds Close Up Episode

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

*Spicing It Up a Little

*I found this wonderful beaten up dresser in the ally behind my apartment the other day + since it was broken beyond repair, I stole a few drawers to use as shadow boxes + small shelves through out my house. I thought this one, with the key hole, worked great as a small spice rack in my kitchen. And in the interest of health, I headed to IKEA + picked up some glass spice jars ($2.99 / 4 pack) so I could get rid of the plastic containers that they came in. Plastic containers; including heavy duty plastic plates, cups + tupperware my leak harmful BPA chemicals into your food. So now healthily they sit in their new easy to reach + nicely displayed home. 

*Let There Be Light

*I thought I needed a little more light in my life + found a way to use some river rocks + 99 cent mason Jars, that I purchased from A.C.Moore, to create some fun little candle holders. Now normally I wouldn't have chosen green candles (I would have rather gone with white) but I just couldn't help my love for the woods + decided on these for their lovely pine sent ^_^.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

*The Shirt Off Your Back

*I did a little thrift store shopping the other day + found some mens shirts, in some really great prints, that I thought would be perfect for my new project. Altering a large button down shirt to fit as a slim drop waist tank top for these hot summer days. I made my own pattern + I was done in no time. I still have three more shirts left to do, but don't worry ill be sure to post them as well. The material is so light weight + comfortable... Thanks Good Will ^_^

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

*University of the Arts Show Case at El Bee

*Opening this Friday, June 12th, at El Bee in Manasquan, NJ. El Bee will be showcasing artwork from over 20 University of the Arts alumni (including me ^_^) + students. There will  be plenty of high quality work to check out ranging from paintings + illustrations to jewelry + furniture. The opening is from 7-10 pm + will be showing through June 15th. So head over to El Bee on Friday, meet the artists, view the work + enjoy the ocean + refreshments. 

You can also check out El Bee on their Myspace or Facebook!

Friday, June 5, 2009

*Top Five Fun Things in My Room

*Above are my top five favorite things in my room right now, in no particular order ^_^. 
- My old singer sewing machine, donated to me by the wonderful Daria Romankow! (thank you so much Daria, my sewing machine has helped me to create so many wonderful things + there are many more to come!)
- My pup Andy Boy. I just couldn't help myself, he needs at least 2 pictures to truely capture his cuteness!)

- My brand new Ukulele + my new summer project, once i start playing her its hard to get me to stop ^_^.

- My desk, its a wonderful place to work + create.

- And last but certainly not least, Pedro, my cockatiel. Lately she has decided she is a rooster + likes to wake me up as soon as the sun shines through our window, but i love her just the same. Of course she deserves more then one picture as well. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

*Let Them Eat Cake!

*For my boyfriend, Nick's, birthday, i thought i'd try my hand at baking. And let me just say that i've never been a good cook in any way shape or form. But this one i'm actually pretty proud of! I took one of his paintings (which ive posted above) + used it as inspiration for the decoration. Once he + his friends got a bite the cake was pretty much gone in a few minutes. ^_^

*You can see more of Nick's artwork on his website or blog.

Monday, June 1, 2009

*A Little Error

*Just to let you all know, for some reason my blog is being weird and might not let you post your comments on the first try. But it seems to be that if you click to post your comment a second time that it will go through. I'm going to have to look into getting that fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience!