Friday, June 5, 2009

*Top Five Fun Things in My Room

*Above are my top five favorite things in my room right now, in no particular order ^_^. 
- My old singer sewing machine, donated to me by the wonderful Daria Romankow! (thank you so much Daria, my sewing machine has helped me to create so many wonderful things + there are many more to come!)
- My pup Andy Boy. I just couldn't help myself, he needs at least 2 pictures to truely capture his cuteness!)

- My brand new Ukulele + my new summer project, once i start playing her its hard to get me to stop ^_^.

- My desk, its a wonderful place to work + create.

- And last but certainly not least, Pedro, my cockatiel. Lately she has decided she is a rooster + likes to wake me up as soon as the sun shines through our window, but i love her just the same. Of course she deserves more then one picture as well.