Sunday, July 12, 2009

*New Job, New Shirt

*Tomorrow I start working at Printfresh full time + I couldn't be more happy about it ^_^. And in light of having this weekend off I took some time to make another new shirt for myself. This shirt, as the last, was made from altering a thrifted mans XL button-down shirt. Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera on hand to take a before shot but I'll be sure to do so for anymore in the future. Anywho, enjoy!

*Crazy For Cult

*I have an opening coming up this Thursday, July 16th, at Gallery1988 in LA ^_^. The show is called "Crazy for Cult," where over 100 Artists will pay tribute to classic cult films + I'm sure it will prove to be a huge opening, with a giant turn out as it is every year! The opening will be hosted by the great Kevin Smith + Scott Moiser + will start at 7pm + will run until 11pm, so if you're in the area be sure to check it out! All the work will be available for purchase not only through the gallery but also from their website + it will be up in the gallery until August 8th. 

Above I have posted images of the postcard for the event + some images of the work that I have produced for the show. These are actually my very first linoleum cuts, which I'm sure seems really strange seeing as most kids do them in middle school! But I have to say I really loved the process + I'm thinking of doing more in the future.

7020 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038

*You can also check out Gallery1988 LA on their blog.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

*So Busy So Sorry!

*I just wanted to post a quick, "Im Sorry" for not doing anything with my blog lately, I've recently been hired as an apprentice to soon hopefully be a junior textiles designer at Printfresh Studios in Philadelphia! Its all extremely exciting + totally awesome, pretty much a dream job ^_^. But I am currently working both there + at my normal Whole Foods job because I'm too nice + felt I had to give my two weeks notice. So when I'm not working at Whole Foods I'm at Printfesh + when I'm home (which is rare) I'm working on my stuff for Crazy for Cult group show at Gallery1988 in LA that is quickly coming up in July. Anywho, lots going on but I promise once my two weeks is up at Whole Foods I will be better at updating my blog!