Thursday, May 28, 2009

*Seeing Green This Summer

*So one of my many little projects + goals this summer was to start doing some indoor herb planting. I think that having living plants inside brings a lot of happiness to a home + makes things seem a bit more warm + inviting, plus with the added use of herbs it just makes sense to plant them as oppose to flowers. And since i really love the idea + look of terrariums i decided to try + capture that around my house by recycling/reusing glass bottles i pulled out of our recycling bin. I used everything from apple sauce jars to jelly jars + i think they really got the look i was going for. I love how you can see the root system of the plant and see how much you've really watered it. I also did use a large wooden planter box that we had purchased for five dollars at a thrift store (originally from ikea i'm sure) to plant a bit more, since we had just been using it to hold our laundry detergent bottles. 

*If you want to try this for yourself be sure to put a good half inch of pebbles at the bottom of the glass to insure proper drainage. Living in the city, with little access to free pebbles, i decided to purchased a few bags from A.C.Moore, but you can easily go in your back yard + gather them for yourself. 

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