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Dec 18 2008

*Since I now have a blogspot for my website, I have decided to take the majority of my old posts from my old site and add them on here so that they wouldn't be lost forever ^_^. Check back soon for new posts!

* I am very excited to be a part of Under the Influence: An Official Tribute to The Beastie Boys at Gallery 1988
*If you are in the LA area you should definitely try to make it out to the opening. It should be a huge show with over 100 participating artists and a special appearance by the Boys themselves!
*For a complete list of all the artist CLICK HERE

Dec 18 2008

*The Untitled Love Project, has been a long time coming, but its finally out and being printed. If you are in the Culver City area on December 13th come on by to the book signing, pick up a copy and get it signed by some of your favorite artists. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it out to Cali for the signing but I'm sure it will be a great time.
*You can also purchase your own copy of The Untitled Love Project HERE
*The Untitled Love Project,
Book signing December 13th 7-10pm

At the Cerasoli : Lebasse Gallery Cerasoli : LeBasse Gallery

8530-B Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

Nov 21 2008

*I'm currently working on a piece for the Beastie Boys show at Gallery 1988 in January. Here are some of my sketches of the Boy, enjoy ^_^.

*Mike D.

*Ad Rock


Nov 10 2008

*I'm very excited to be a part of Art Shop 2008! Featuring over 60 local Philadelphia artists, there will be a ton of hand made goods. So if you're in the area come on out, it should be a really fun time, and good place to find unique and affordable holiday gifts.
2007 Frankford Ave. Philadelphia, PA (circle of hope)
Friday December 5th
with food, drink & music
Saturday December 6th

see you there ^_^!

Nov 10 2008

*I have a show coming up at the Suite 100 Gallery in Seattle. Their holiday exhibition, "Sweet 100," opens on Friday, November 14th, so if you're in the area go check it out. There will be a lot of work there to purchase at affordable prices for the holidays including a brand new piece from me ^_^.

Oct 18 2008


*a sketch of my good friend Mary Catherine. For a painting that I'm currently working on for the Holiday Show at Suite 100 Gallery in Seattle, WA.

Oct 06 2008


*i think andy found a snack on the carpet*


*i made a quilt and pillow cases this week... i was feelin a bit crafty i guess. The quilt is made almost completely from thrifted clothes ^_^.

Sep 30 2008



*some sketches i did for the Blue Cadet character.

Sep 14 2008

*Here is a video from the "Crazy for Cult: This Time Its Personal," group show at Gallery 1988 in LA. My good friend and old roommate, Danielle Rizzolo, flew out for the opening and you can see her interview with Vimby on here. And towards the end of the video a quick shot of my piece "Edward Safety Scissor Hands." ^_^

Sep 04 2008


*Here is a new sketch from the sketch book

Sep 02 2008


*Here is a sneak peak at my sketch for the "HOME grown" group show ^_^. Hope to see you all there!

Aug 28 2008


*I'M CURATING MY FIRST SHOW!!! So you ALL BETTER BE THERE ^_^! The "HOME grown" show will include over 20 artists (including myself) who have graciously agreed to be a part of my first curated show at the Jinxed Gallery, in Philadelphia, PA. Each artist is putting one or two pieces in and it should be a huge turn out. The "HOME grown" show opens September 19th from 6-11pm and will be up for five weeks. So please come and check it out! (there will be food and beverages as well)

Aug 28 2008


*okay so im a little late with this one but don't worry its still up... I've got a piece in the Crazy 4 Cult show at Gallery 1988 Gallery 1988 in LA. The opening was August 22nd and will be up for a month. If you're in the area check it out! ^_^.

Jul 18 2008

*I recently got back from Portland, OR were I was invited to be one of six artists chosen by Nike 6.0 and Bob Kronbauer (G2 artist mentor),
to take a Nike G2 vinyl toy and apply my own artistic aesthetic. I chose to turn my G2 into my version of a Native American Kachina doll.
*Above is the video that we premiered at our opening out in Portland, OR at Nemo Designs. Along with eight G2's to mess with, each artists was given a digital video camera to document our progress and vision.

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