Thursday, May 28, 2009

*Embroidery Hoops + Kitchen Color

*One of my very favorite fabric shops in the city, which luckily is within walking distance from my apartment, Spool, has started selling little bags of their left over fabric scraps! Now i wouldn't normally end a sentence like that with an exclamation point, but seeing as Spool has some of the most interesting, colorful + modern fabrics around i just couldn't help myself.  And of course i had to buy a bag + find some way to use them in my crafting + decorating.

After much consideration i came up with a great way to use the scrap pieces, along with some of my own scraps + embroidery skills, to create a lovely decoration, on a blank wall in my kitchen, that really needed some sprucing up. 

I learned quickly that the hardest part of all of this is choosing the correct layout to fit your wall + make for a interesting composition. After playing with a few different options i finally settled on one and snapped a picture of it to refer back to when i was hanging. 

Once all the hammering was done + Andy thought it was safe enough to come out from under the kitchen table, we stepped back and took a few "after" pictures + enjoyed our new kitchen view. 

*You can also visit Spool on their blog, or twitter.


  1. * so i realized, right after i posted this, that i forgot to hang 3 more hoops that were sitting on my desk in my room, so i had to go back add them to the line up ^_^.

  2. I love spool too! Although unfortunately I can only drool over them over the internet... you're very lucky to live nearby. That wall is such a lovely idea. I didn't even know you could get oval embroidery hoops. Also your table is so pretty!

  3. i know isn't that table wonderful! my roommate's mom bought it at a garage sale for 10 bucks! it has hilarious angry squirrels on it in the corners ill have to post a detailed image of them.

  4. Love, love, love! Your ideas are awesome!! You should be on HGTV or something! XO